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Purehan Water Dispenser Singapore

Our Range Of Korean Water Purifiers and Water Dispensers Singapore

For premium hydration, check out our selection of Korean water filter dispensers in Singapore:

The Purehan Super Cooling water purifier dispenser is a state-of-the-art hydration solution, offering a sophisticated nine-stage filtration system including Carbon and Neo Nano Clean filters for impeccably pure water. 

Its versatile design can accommodate containers of any size with its adjustable faucet and sliding tray. The triple hygiene care system also ensures a germ-free operation with 99.9% Ultraviolet (UV) and electrolysis sterilisation. With up to eight temperature settings and five output options, this cooling water dispenser integrates seamlessly into any home, providing on-demand chilled, ambient, or hot water.

Embrace the elegance and efficiency of the Purehan Mini, a compact powerhouse of purity. This mini water purifier is a marvel in minimalism, featuring a slim 13cm profile adorned with a chic metallic accent. Its nine-stage nano-filtration technology is a silent sentinel against impurities, ensuring every drop is contaminant-free. 

The water purifier dispenser is engineered for simplicity, requiring no power supply. Our water filter dispenser Singapore is also equipped with an intuitive one-touch filter system, making it a user-friendly choice for the kitchen.

Transform your hydration experience with the Purehan UV (Ultraviolet) Trio purifier, an advanced filter water dispenser that combines convenience with cutting-edge technology. This water dispenser Singapore system employs a four-step nano-filtration process that meticulously purifies water by removing sediments, chemicals, and microorganisms. 

The water dispenser, equipped with UV sterilisation, effectively neutralises harmful pathogens, ensuring safe drinking water. The UV Trio’s direct piping design promises an unending cascade of freshness, bolstered by a child lock for added safety. It also makes an ideal office water cooler, providing health and hydration benefits in home and workplace settings.

Timeless and Versatile Design

Our Google 5 Stars Reviews

Checkout the happy customer testimonials of our water dispenser Singapore:

Noorazam ZainNoorazam Zain ★★★★★ Shout out to Elaine for being very accommodating to my parents despite our fickleness of changing our minds after purchase has been made… (sorry again but thanks, appreciate your help 🙏🏻). Been nearing a month and it did not disappoint for Raya! Glad to have purchased the Purehan UV Trio Hot & Cold Purifier Dispenser, well deserved 5 ⭐ due to service, installation and usage all have been smooth! 😁Angela LeeAngela Lee ★★★★★ I love the aesthetic and functionality of their water purifier dispenser and had a great experience with the customer service. They are friendly, accommodating and professional. The experience has been nothing but positive and commendable. Will not hesitate to recommend to my friends and relatives.Hilsann YongHilsann Yong ★★★★★ Having been using the PureHan Supercool machine for the past 4 months, my experience from pre-purchase to post-purchase has been nothing short of amazing.In particular, Sylvia, has been phenomenal in her customer service: Whenever I have queries, she is prompt, friendly and detailed in her responses; Sylvia goes the extra mile to identify all critical components (photos, guides, and instructions) to ensure I am able to comprehend.On another event, when I required extra tubing for my ID to measure the diameter of the tube, she kept a spare roll of tube for me to pass to my ID.On top of that, Ah Zhong (if I recall correctly) was the technician that supported me to install the machine. He made an extra trip down, just to ensure that I had my tubing in place (this was during the renovation phase, before everything else was installed) so the sintered stone top would have accounted for the correct thickness and location for the water dispenser to run through.All-in-all, I would recommend PureHan based on the following factors:- Water tank integrated into dispenser (So no other reservoir/box to be hidden – This may vary depending on user)- Variety in temperature- Adjustable nozzle- Aesthetically simple/No-frills- 1L capacity for filling large water bottle- Great customer service (Sylvia, Ah Zhong and Terrence)limin gohlimin goh ★★★★★ Sylvia has assisted us well throughout the purchase journey and post sales service whenever I have any concern or question.Good buy!Sam PoonSam Poon ★★★★★ At the showroom, Sylvia did an excellent job of explaining the product and gave a clear demonstration of how it works. When it came to product installation, Kai did a great job too – fast and neat.LEW WAN YEELEW WAN YEE ★★★★★ I have bought Purehan Super Cooling water purifier from Syliva . She had provided good service and advice to me. I am very satisfied with the product and got installed by the team well , Strongly recommend Brand to go with .Rui Min LeeRui Min Lee ★★★★★ Life changer! Bought the water dispenser from Sylvia who was really friendly and took her time to explain patiently to us regarding the use, disinfection and cleansing process. Such a convenience to use at home with easy to use buttonsZhen XuanZhen Xuan ★★★★★ The salesperson Elaine has very good service and enthusiastic attitude. I am very happy with this purchase. The water dispenser also has many temperature options, which is very suitable for our family. Purehan is really a good brand and trustworthy.js_loader

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Purehan Korean Latest Water Dispenser Singapore

Why Choose Our Water Dispenser Singapore?

Delve into why our Korean water dispenser and purifier in Singapore are the preferred choice for discerning households and workplaces.

Our water dispenser Singapore and purifiers feature a multi-stage filtration process that removes contaminants like fluoride molecules. Studies, including those employing spectrophotometry, have suggested that home water purification systems can significantly reduce fluoride content in the water to safer levels. This reduction mitigates the potential risks of fluoride in water, such as dental fluorosis or bone alterations. Enjoy the hydration confidence that comes with balanced fluoride consumption for overall well-being.

Our water purifiers have the option to add in  alkaline filters, transforming plain drinking water into a mineral-rich hydration. Research suggests that consuming alkaline water may benefit health, which may include  improved ageing markers, bone density, and increased blood flow efficiency. 

While more extensive human studies are needed, current findings indicate alkaline drinking water may be better than plain water. With Purehan’s filter water dispensers, you’re not just choosing superior hydration but a step towards better health.

Embrace the peace of mind that comes with drinking purified and alkaline water. Purehan’s water dispenser Singapore are equipped with filtration systems designed to intercept and remove dangerous contaminants found in water like norovirus, bacteria and heavy metals..

With robust filtration systems like Purehan’s, you can reduce health risks from contaminated water, delivering a promise of purity in every glass.

Nano filtration removes pathogens from drinking water by selectively blocking them through its nano-sized pores while allowing water molecules to pass. This feature is central to our water purifier’s nano filtration system. The precise technology ensures water is free from microscopic threats, providing a reliable source of clean water.

Our water dispenser’s UV sterilisation technology further exemplifies our dedication to delivering safe, clean water. Research supports that UV sterilisation disinfects water by exposing microorganisms to ultraviolet light, which disrupts their DNA, ensuring they cannot multiply or cause infection. Opt For our water dispenser Singapore with confidence, knowing that the power of UV light safeguards every drop for your hydration needs.

Prioritising the well-being of every family member, we provide water purifiers in Singapore that feature a child safety lock on hot water dispensing. This essential safeguard protects the little ones from accidental scalds, ensuring that access to hot water remains secure and controlled. It’s our commitment to combine hydration with the utmost safety in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Filter Dispensers in Singapore

While Singapore’s tap water is safe to drink, a water filter can improve its taste, remove residual chlorine, and act as a precaution against unforeseen contaminants. For those with health conditions or a preference for mineral-enriched water, buying a water filter dispenser, such as those from Purehan, can improve your daily water consumption experience.

The best alkaline water machine in Singapore helps raise the pH level of the water and ensures its purity through advanced filtration systems. Purehan’s range of Korean water dispensers stands out for its robust alkaline filters and multi-stage purification, offering unmatched quality in transforming tap water into clean, healthy hydration.

When choosing a water filter dispenser in Singapore, assess the filtration technology, the specific water usage needs of the household or workplace, and its safety features. Systems like Purehan’s range provide advanced, comprehensive filtration, are simple to operate, and include UV sterilisation to deliver the safest drinking water for everyone.

Indeed, investing in a water dispenser in Singapore is a beneficial decision. Such appliances provide enhanced water taste and quality with the convenience of immediate access to clean water at your preferred temperature. Water dispensers such as those from Purehan blend functionality with health advantages, making them indispensable in domestic and professional settings.

Yes, in Singapore, filtered water is considered to be better than tap water, as it offers a refined taste and an extra layer of protection. Water filter dispensers ensure the removal of any lingering impurities and can contribute to a healthier mineral balance, making it a prudent choice for quality-conscious consumers.

About Purehan

Established in South Korea, Purehan is renowned for its innovative water filter dispenser Singapore that blend cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design. Our brand is committed to delivering superior water purification solutions in Singapore, ensuring each product embodies the pinnacle of Korean craftsmanship and reliability in promoting healthier hydration and lifestyle. Learn more about Purehan.