How Does Water Purification Work in Water Purifiers?

To enjoy refreshing, purified drinking water at home, your water must undergo an extensive purification process to eliminate undesirable impurities that may come with your tap water. These days, water purification systems come with advanced technology that helps improve the process of water purification. To help you further understand how your home water purifier works, we give you insight into the purification process.

Water Sources

Before water undergoes the purification process, it’s essential to consider the sources that feed into home water dispensers. In Singapore, tap water is generally safe to drink and undergoes rigorous water quality testing and monitoring by Singapore’s National Water Agency Public Utility Board (PUB) to ensure safe consumption. However, some homeowners may prefer having a home water purification system to give them peace of mind about the safety and purity of their tap water while also enhancing its taste.

Filtration Technologies

Once the water has undergone pre-filtration, it enters the heart of the purification process with the water purifier’s advanced filtration technologies. The most common water filtration technologies in modern home water purification systems are activated carbon and neo nano filters.

Activated carbon captures and neutralises contaminants such as remaining sediments in water, like suspended solids and residual dust, chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria. Moreover, carbon filters help in maintaining the pH level of your water.

On the other hand, neo nano filters also help remove sediments, like floating substances and rust residue in water. However, unlike the activated carbon filter, neo nano filters can eliminate noroviruses and bacteria in the water and supply your water with essential minerals, like calcium. As a result of this filtration process, you can get alkalescent water with improved taste and smell.

To improve the quality of your water at home, having a water purification system with these features can be beneficial.

UV Sterilisation

While filtration technologies are vital in removing chemical and physical impurities, microbial contaminants in your water pose a unique challenge. This is where ultraviolet (UV) sterilisation comes in. This cutting-edge feature helps eradicate various microbiological contaminants, damaging their cellular function and inhibiting their growth. There are modern water purifiers in Singapore that have UV sterilisation on top of their activated carbon and neo nano filter technology to ensure your drinking water at home remains pathogen-free.

Dispensing Clean Water

With the water purification process complete, the final step involves dispensing the clean water for immediate consumption. Home water dispensers offer a user-friendly experience, providing instant access to refreshing, purified water at the push of a button. In addition to its convenience, modern dispensers often come equipped with features such as temperature control, making it possible to enjoy chilled or hot water as desired. The dispensing mechanism ensures that the purified water is clean and easily accessible.

Find the Right Water Purifier with an Extensive Water Purification System

When choosing a water purifier for your home, it’s essential to find one that fits your household needs. There are many home purification systems in the market today, and many purifiers boast advanced features that not only enhance the quality of your tap water but also its drinking experience.

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